Best Tools for Creating Awesome Infographics

Best Infographics Tools

Infographics have become very important for content marketing these days. They are a pictorial representation of important information and statistics. The major advantages of publishing infographics include increased user and social media engagement. Infographics can increase the user experience of your blog greatly. Also, submitting infographics to other sites can be a way of building relevant backlinks. Since infographics are essentially images, they don’t create the issue of content duplication. Hence, you can use one infographic to gather backlinks from multiple websites. In this article, learn about some cool tools to create intuitive infographics.

1., owned by Prezi, is a highly popular online tool for creating infographics containing charts, graphs, and interactive elements. Different types of charts and graphs can be created using easily. provides over 30 different styles for charts. The tool has helped create over 2.5 million infographics to date. You can import various formats, including MS Excel and CSV, to add data to your infographics. Also, you can download the infographics in PNG or PDF format. With this tool, you can also easily share your infographics on all social media channels or embed them on your blog.

2. is a highly popular tool to create all types of visual content. It can be used to create not only infographics but also presentations, videos, campaigns, and web experiences. platform also provides a marketplace for new infographics. The company has a number of designers, writers, and data analysts who create professional infographics, using tools that you can purchase.

3. Piktochart

Piktochart provides you with several ready-to-use themes for your infographic. It provides a large assortment of icons, resizable canvas, interactive maps, and data- and design-driven charts to enrich your infographics. Piktochart provides an intuitive user interface as well.


You can use’s blank canvas or already-designed elements to come up with an infographic. Over 16 templates are provided for creating infographics. It’s very easy to create a new infographic using’s Drag-And-Drop interface. You can download your infographics as an image or a PDF file.

5. Visme

Visme (formerly known as EWC Presenter) can be used to create infographics, presentations, animations, product demos, banner ads, etc. It uses the HTML 5 specification to create visually engaging web content. It provides a number of templates and objects for your infographic. You can export, embed, or share your infographic on social media. Visme paid plans start at $4.50 per month.


If you are struggling with content marketing, infographics can be a refreshing change. Infographics can be easily marketed on all social media platforms to strengthen your marketing strategy. They can also be quite helpful to create backlinks and boost your site’s search rankings.