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Why you Still Need SEO

As a fledgling webmaster, performing various site optimizations are absolutely crucial to your success. Gone are the days when you could stuff your articles with keywords and boldly claim it as search optimization. Major search engines, be it Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, keep on continuously upping their game to provide quality search results, and only the most optimized sites usually gain the top spot in search engine results. Statistics prove that 75 percent of users never go past the first page of a keyword search, and even then, only the top three search results usually gain the bulk of traffic. So how does SEO achieve this?

Enhanced Visibility

Unless a store – even in the most crowded part of town – doesn’t have a sign claiming what it’s about, the chances of people visiting, or much less buying stuff, probably would be next to none. This scenario carries over perfectly to the cyberspace. If a website carries no form of identification as to its purpose, search engines don’t have any reason to index the contents within. Basic optimizations such as keyword implementation throughout text content carries very little weight in terms of overall exposure. Rather, including keywords in your website’s title tags and meta descriptions goes a long way toward enhancing search engine visibility.

Builds Trust

Search engine queries from the days of old were ridden with bad results full of websites designed solely to get into the top rankings, but not anymore. With rigorous algorithm changes such as Google’s infamous “Panda” update, websites with poor content stand absolutely no chance. Although this does make it more difficult to rank up on search engines, the trust that you gain when you ultimately work your way towards the top spot more than makes up for it. Only solid, useful, and engaging content, coupled with an effective marketing strategy – through citations, content marketing, and website outreach – allow for higher search engine rankings, and people know that.

Higher Conversions

With SEO, half your work is already done for you. When someone types in a keyword into a search engine, they are already in “need” of that particular service, product, or whatever it is – unlike paid traffic, where you must eventually get around to “convincing” users to eventually buy your product. While you do need top-notch content for your website, the build-up of trust coming in from organic search results should eventually work in your favor. Meticulous keyword research and the resulting optimizations allow for highly targeted traffic to your website, which ultimately translates into better conversion rates.

Wrapping It Up

A good SEO strategy is an absolutely crucial part of your marketing campaign, and the best part about it is the significantly lower cost when compared to generating paid traffic. Implementing your SEO strategy successfully results in numerous additional benefits than those mentioned here, but it ultimately boils down to enhanced visibility, trust and brand awareness, and higher conversion rates.

Albeit being highly confusing at first, search engine optimization actually isn’t that hard to perform – on-site optimizations, link building, and content marketing almost becomes second nature in next to no time. If you don’t have enough time or resources, opt to hire an expert SEO strategist to overcome that hurdle instead. Ignore SEO, and you fail sooner or later; embrace SEO, and you’re golden.

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