Do Directory Submission Websites Still Help Your Site’s SEO?

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SEO Experts Thoughts

Many webmasters think that directory submissions sites are not valuable anymore when it comes to improving their site’s backlink profile. But SEO experts think otherwise. In fact, the majority of SEO experts states that directory submission is a very valid SEO practice when done correctly. There are ethical ways to perform directory link building as well as unethical black hat methods. Unethical blackhat methods won’t work like in the past. You won’t be able to rank your website on the first page of Google by bombarding the site with thousands of low-quality directory links. In fact, you need to add your site to high-quality local and national directories that are related to the subject matter of the website in order to get the maximum benefit from this technique.

Need To Be Careful

You need to be very careful when selecting legitimate local and national directories to submit your site since the majority of directory sites have transformed into low-quality directories that promote even the spammiest of sites on the net. Google’s continued crackdown on low-quality sites has resulted in the disenfranchisement of most of these online directories. Using such a directory to build links to your website is a waste of your time and efforts. Google will penalize your site if it finds that you have been submitting your site to low-quality web directories. This article answers the question of “do directory submission sites still help your website’s SEO?”

Do Your Research

There are still high-quality directory submission sites on the net. But you have to do your research first in order to find these directory sites. But your link building efforts shouldn’t solely depend on directory sites. Link diversification is very important when ranking your site on the first page of Google and the other search engines. Even if you manage to find the highest quality directory sites on the net, your website won’t rank on the first page of Google if it doesn’t have a diverse link profile. Hence, the link building process should consist of a good mix of directory sites with social media, guest posts, textual links, and a host of other methods. That is the best way to improve the rankings of your website on Google and the other search engines.  If these seem too much for your company to handle or if it doesn’t have time to do this type of research let Rise Atlantic Search Engine Optimization Do it for you.

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What Are Directory Submissions

Directory submission websites are similar to online Yellow Pages. In the good old days, customers used to search phone books when finding a product or service. Today, customers look for web directories to find certain products and services on the net. In fact, before Google invented the crawler-based listings, Yahoo derived their search queries from their directory. Webmasters needed to register their websites on Yahoo Directory in order to be found on Yahoo. A directory site will contain a large number of sites categorized according to their niches. A visitor can easily look for the particular site with a lot of categories and sub-categories on directory sites.

Directory submission is nothing but having your site listed on the web directory that you have chosen. When you submit your site to the relevant directories, they will check the site and approve it for incorporation into their database. The backlink you get from a quality directory will have a positive effect on your link building efforts. Directory visitors will be able to see your site when they search under the relevant category or sub-category. You should also note that most of these directories function like a tiny search engine. Although they have a smaller database when compared to the large search engines, you can expect highly targeted customers to your business when you use the right web directories. In fact, your website will immensely benefit from submitting it to a high-quality web directory. That is why you need to do the homework properly and find quality web directories to submit your website.

Factors To Consider

There are many factors to consider before you choose the right web directory site. A quality directory site will help you make the most of your SEO efforts. Unless you operate a local business, your site won’t benefit by submitting it to a local web directory. The domain authority (DA) of the directory site is an important factor to consider when choosing the best web directories. This is a rating that a site gets based on its overall quality. The DA was developed by Moz. You should look for a directory that has a DA of 50 or above to get the maximum benefits for your website. Similar to Moz, Majestic has developed their own metrics to determine the overall quality of a site. In fact, the Citation Flow (CF) is a metrics that show the influence of the URL based on other websites that backlink to it. Trust Flow (TF) reveals the trustworthiness of the site depending on the trustworthiness of the sites that backlink to it.

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Alexa Rankings

Alexa Ranking is another important metrics that you need to check when choosing a suitable web directory to submit your website. It shows the number of visitors that came to your site. You should also perform a manual checking of the other sites that are listed on the directory before deciding to submit your site to it. Are these sites of higher authority? These are important factors to look for when choosing the best web directory sites to submit your website.

Once you have selected the best directories to submit your website, you should sign up for these sites. Make sure that you choose the relevant category or subcategory before submitting your site to these directories. Then fill-up the form and confirm the submission. If it’s a free directory, you should wait until the site is approved by them to see it appear in the directory. It can take up to weeks or months to see your site appear on the quality directory sites. Most directories will charge a small fee for faster approval. These are important things that you need to consider when submitting your site to a web directory.

The article above provides an answer to the question of “do directory submission sites still help your website’s SEO?”

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